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Delivery Options


Coal by the bag:  
40 lb. bag Blaschaulk $7.48 per bag

By the ton
40 lb. bags: $354.00 per ton*

Coal delivery charges are as follows:

1-3 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed $30.00 
4-10 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed $45.00 
11-25 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed  $85.00
26-50 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed  $145.00
51-100 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed $275.00 
101-250 Miles from Whitney's Tool Shed  $450.00 

*In store is $354.00 per ton

*Delivered is $354.00 per ton with a minimum delivery of 1 ton, plus mileage from chart above
with ample availability due to direct sales from PA and storage on premises

Coal does not require dry storage as do wood pellets. It can be left outside in the elements without threat of spoilage or damage.

About Coal

Major reserves: The largest fields of anthracite coal in the United States are found in the part of Northeastern Pennsylvania called the Coal Region, where there are 7 billion short tons (6.3 billion metric tons) of minable reserves. Deposits at Crested Butte, Colorado, were mined historically. Anthracites of newer, tertiary or cretaceous age, are found in the Crow's Nest part of the Rocky Mountains in Canada and at various points in the Andes in Peru.

The common American classification is as follows:

Lump, steamboat, egg and stove coals, the latter in two or three sizes, all three being above 1-1/2 inch size on round-hole screen.

Classification Min. Size (inches)  Max. Size (inches) 
Chestnut 7/8  1 1/2 
Pea  9/16  7/8 
Buckwheat  3/8  9/16 
Rice  3/16  3/8 
Barley 3/32  3/16 
Stove Coal  3


The primary sizes used in the United States for domestic heating are Chestnut, Pea, Buckwheat and Rice --- Chestnut and Rice being the most popular. Chestnut and Pea are used in hand fired furnaces while the smaller Rice and Buckwheat are used in automatic stoker furnaces. Rice is currently the most sought after size due to the ease of use and popularity of that type of furnace.