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Rental Information

If we don't rent it, you don't need it!


Please call (255-3392) for item availability.


Prices subject to change. Please call for price quotes.

Delivery and Pickup

Delivery and pickup are available at the following rates:
(mileage is calculated from Whitney's Tool Shed)

1-3 Miles $30.00
4-10 Miles $45.00
11-25 Miles $85.00
26-50 Miles $145.00
51-100 Miles $275.00
101-250 Miles $450.00


What Constitutes a Rental Period?

Day Rate 24 Consecutive Hours
Week Rate 7 Consecutive Days To The Same Time
Month Rate 4 Consecutive Weeks To The Same Time

To Rent from Whitney's You Will Need:

  • Identification: Driver's License or Picture ID
  • Payment: Required at the time item is picked up
  • Deposit: Required on rental items that have high clean-up costs. If items are returned clean, deposits are refunded.

Metered Items

Rental items equipped with hour meters are based on 8 hours per day, 56 hours per week and 224 hours per month. Additional usage will be charged according to the chart below.

Damage Waiver

Rental rate will automatically be charged for damage waiver unless declined at the time of pickup.