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Home Safety Tips

Coal Stove Safety Tips to keep in mind before and after your purchase:

1) Coal Stoves should be installed by a qualified, licensed heating technician.  The installation must comply with your local building codes.

2) Install Coal Stoves in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications leaving sufficient space between the unit and furniture, other combustible materials, electrical cords and appliances.

3) Coal Stoves should be cleaned regularly according to your manual.

4) Read your manual to learn about and understand how your stove operates.

5) Do not let those that are unfamiliar with your stove operate it.

6) Never leave small children unattended in the room where the Coal Stove is located.  Erect the proper barriers so that children or pets are unable to come in contact with its often hot surface.

7) Coal Stoves require that you always use a high quality carbon monoxide gas detector.  Your carbon monoxide detector should either run on batteries or have a battery backup system to insure that it continues to work if power is disrupted.  Test the detector regularly for proper operation.  Batteries should be replaced semi-annually.

8) Make sure you have a high quality smoke detector in your home and that it runs on batteries or with a battery backup.  Test the smoke detector on a regular basis and replace batteries at least twice a year.

9) Make sure your chimney or direct vent is clean, clear and in good repair.  Have your chimney inspected by a professional.

10) Always use low sulfur, low ash Anthracite Coal of the quality specified in your manual.

11) Have a fire extinguisher nearby and handy and make sure everyone in the household knows how to use it.  Check with your local fire department to see if they provide check-up and maintenance services for your fire extinguisher.

12) If you should have any questions regarding your coal stove or the safety tips above, please contact Whitney's Tool Shed at (207) 255-3392.